Who Loves The Earth? (a series of points)
collaboration with Dougal McKenzie for Art Rebels 2010
Mixed media installation
Dim var.

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Who loves the earth? (a series of points) by Dougal McKenzie and Allan Hughes takes numerous cues from references to the 1972 Munich Olympics and Robert Smithson's 1970 earthwork Partially Buried Woodshed. Working across distinct frames of reference the installation explores the stratifying effects of historiographic interpretation and the mutability of intention. Aerial views and excavation recur as common points in the work; from a Google Earth satellite image of Smithson's work at Kent State University, to Waldi the dachshund (a burrowing dog and also the mascot of Munich 72) via the designs of the Games' wrestling arena and basketball court. McKenzie's and Hughes' chosen locations were also scenes of shootings: of students by the US military, for protesting over Vietnam; and of Israeli Olympic team members by the Palestinian Black September Organisation, for the refusal of demands to release Palestinian prisoners by Israel, and Baader/ Meinhof by the West German government.